Zero Emission

We are group of responsible and professional companies. We believe in zero emission on our all projects and Management Offices. We have switched and converted all our workshop and relative projects to solar system. This conversion saves us from heavy reliance on electric power and generators in case of load shedding and power cut.

Following are some of our projects already shifted to Solar System

Autocare Experts Fabrication Unit

Head Office (Lahore)

Quetta Shinwari Restaurant

Palki Event Complex.

We are having the capacity of 30 KW, 25 KW & 85 KW respectively from solar system to meet the electric power demand of our sites. We are resolved and regularly enhance the investments on Solar systems for rest of our projects. It helps us to save the electric costs and contain the emission of hazardous gases. We proudly maintain that we are intolerant to emissions. Our companies are strictly committed toward the zero emission.